About Us

We at SymbioVR want to help each individual grow and stay healthy in mind, body and spirit through the use of virtual reality environments. Using the competitive nature of gaming to stay active and fit, using strategy and teamwork to keep the mind sharp and focused and being a positive influence by paying it forward.

At SymbioVR we are dedicated to maximizing your entire VR experience by providing the entire package from head to to. We allow you to customize your experiences by choosing what devices you want to play with to get the most out of your gaming. With VRmor, you ARE the game by placing your entire body into the digital world and sending feedback directly to you in the real world. We encourage friendly competition with your friends to show them who is boss as well as in the market to drive down cost of current devices. We allow you to take your personality and chioces with you on the go by saving your personal profile and preferences then bringing them with you either at your buddies place or at a digital cafe.

Chris Pusczak, M.S.
SymbioVR Founder / CEO / Creative Director Chris has been an avid follower and researcher on the Virtual Reality industry for over 5 years. Becoming a Subject Matter Expert, he's taken a deep focus, specializing in VR peripherals. With a background in Game Design and Project Management, Crispy heads up "VRmor", a system that allows a user to merge multiple VR peripherals into one unit, acting as both the CEO of the company and as the project’s Focused Creative Director.
Rupert Meghnot, M.B.A. (Adviser)
Burnout Game Ventures Founder / CXO With 35+ years of entrepreneurial & project management experience, Soop is a game investor, who incubates game devs’ ideas into sales in six months or less. An Orlando Business Journal’s “40-Under-40” Award Winner. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rupertmeghnot
Jason Jerald, PhD (Adviser)
NextGen Interactions Co-Founder & Principal Consultant Jason Jerald has been creating VR systems and applications for over 20 years with over 60 VR-related projects across more than 30 organizations. In addition to his primary work at NextGen Interactions, Jason serves on multiple advisory boards focusing on VR technologies and is Adjunct Professor at the Waterford Institute of Technologies. He has held various technical and leadership positions including building and leading a team of approximately 300 individuals, and has served on the ACM SIGGRAPH, IEEE Virtual Reality, and IEEE 3D User Interface Committees. Jason earned a Bachelor of Computer Science degree with an emphasis in Computer Graphics and Minors in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from Washington State University. He earned a Masters and a Doctorate in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a focus on perception of motion and latency in VR. Jason has authored numerous publications, most notably “The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality.” https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonjerald
Alex Mittler
In a nutshell, I am a Technical & Engineering expert with excellent leadership skills. I have 12 years of management, technical/engineering and customer service experience. A little bit about me .... --I am a multi-linguist of technology-driven business. I speak fluent geek, marketing, editing, designing, training, selling and difficult clienteling. Understanding means fewer missteps, and missteps cost a fortune. --I don't care who gets credit. I just want to win. --I love what I do and I have fun. --I dream Big --Lots of people dream Big. Execution is what matters, and I do execution. --If my left and right brain were hands, I'd be ambidextrous. --I'm the calm one --I run toward fires
David Janovich
Graduated from DeVry in 2014 with a Game and Sim degree David sought to make a name for himself by focusing in VR tech. Brought on early 2014 David has been working endlessly with SymbioVR to see the completion of the VRmor project.
Domonic Creek
My name is Domonic Creek. I'm a Media Artist, that excels in both 3D and 2D art. My main focus in my art is 3D animation, rigging, and modeling. I also specialize in 2D arts like illustration, character design, 2D animation, and environmental design. Video games have always interested me and what makes them tick so in my spare time I've taught myself C# coding with Unity.  Video games and 3D animation have always been a passion of mine since I was a child. I constantly crave to learn. I study new skills, and methods to improve my art. I work hard and love making things come alive.